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We caught up with Journalist and content Creator Ric Boullemier a.k.a. Ric Boullemier  Journalist (@thesustainabledad) • Instagram photos and videos to find out his top tips for driving an electric car.

Ric made the transition to an EV in 2018 and hasn’t had a single regret. But he does have some advice for drivers that are looking to make the switch from fossil fuel to renewable transport.

Number one – If you can, get a home charger installed!  Having a home charger is by far the most convenient and cost-effective way to charge an EV. You get home from work, plug-in overnight and wake up every day fully charged. The average motorist drives only about 20 to 30 miles a day and most electric cars do around 150 to 250 miles of range meaning you’ll only charge about once a week.

Some smaller cars do around 100 miles which is plenty for most daily needs, but if you need to travel long distances every day, there are models capable of 300-600 mile journeys.

Number 2! Choose a vehicle that suits your needs for example if you do a lot of miles every day look at a car like the Tesla Model three long-range or Mercedes EQS. 

Number 3) Plan your journey. If you know you’re driving long distances then download the Zap-Map app to work out where the best chargers charging points are on your route. I’m bearing in mind you might only need to stop to charge for 10 to 15 minutes in order to reach your destination. You can also use apps like which is a community charging platform, a bit like air BnB for your car.

Number four make sure you’re getting the maximum range from your vehicle by ensuring that your tires are pumped to the correct PSI and also remove any unnecessary weight in your vehicle that will decrease your battery life.

And try to be less heavy on the accelerator, although it is hard in these electric cars because there’s so much fun off the lights!

EV Driver tips

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