Approved EV Charging Installer Status

What is approved EV installer status?

As an EV charging installer a question we get asked all the time is. What is the difference between you and a normal electrician? The answer is a few things, all our installers are trained electricians. What a lot of people do not realise is the manufacturers of the EV charging units require us to undertake extra training to better understand how these different units work and must be installed properly. Without undertaking these training courses, you cannot install these units. Commissioning these units can be a minefield and each one has a different process therefore you need to be professionally trained in installing them. How long will an installation take? An average install will take roughly 3-4 hours depending on how long the run is from the main incoming head to the position of the EV charger. Being an approved EV installer gives you peace of mind that the installation is done to the correct industry standards and that no corners have been cut. Here at EVC UK, we are approved by manufacturers such as Hypervolt, Zappi, Ohme, EO, Zaptec, and many more.  You can rest assured that we are the best of the best. If you need any more advice please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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