Environmental Promise

EVC Environmental Promise 

As I have mentioned before we are not just a renewables business. We care about the environment. So here at EVC UK, we have decided to partner with About Ecologi | Ecologi these guys do amazing work. Here is a rundown of what they do and why we choose them to work with. Ecologi offers carbon offsetting they also fund projects to help tackle climate change, such as tree planting, wind projects, solar projects and many more.  They work because you can offset your climate footprint and help fund projects to tackle climate change. We have chosen to plant trees for every EV charger we fit here at EVC UK. Going forward we will also be putting extra funding into climate change projects. We started this business because we are passionate about climate change and want to make a difference for all our futures. Being a father, means I want there to be a future planet for my children to grow up in. We cannot just keep using all the earth’s resources! We must be more sustainable and build a better future for us all. Ecologi is a great way for us to do this. Our progress can be tracked here EVC UK | Ecologi We will be sure to keep our blog updated. This will include the projects that are helping the environment.

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