Who is Co-Charger?

About Co-Charger

One of the perceived problems with buying an EV is charging. One-third of UK homes do not have a driveway or garage for charging, around 9 million. This is where Co-Charger comes in. Co-Charger is an easy-to-use app available on all platforms.  You set the tariff and the times people can charge then people book a charge and pay, simple as that. The reason I like Co-Charger compared to the other apps on the market is the community feel it has to it. What makes them different is it was developed with the community in mind. Bringing people who have common interests in electric vehicles together. The fees it charges are very low at just 12%.

Why Co-Charger

The reason why Co-Charger is also so great is its easy-to-use and reliable app. If you are unsure about Co-Charger please download the app. Look around and see how easy it is to use It now has over (insert number of points) active users. It lets you set your own charging rate so you can stay up to date with current electricity prices. Another great benefit is that it can help offset the cost of an installation of an EV charger. Meaning you will get the ROI quicker on any EV charger you have had installed. The team at Co-Charger generally care about you, rest assured their technical support along with the ethos around the business is one of the best I have come across. I could not recommend them more when it comes to caring about each customer. Building a charging community, we can all take advantage of is the only way the masses can also switch to EVs. In the last 40 years, that community spirit has been eroded away and Co-Charger is one small way of bringing some of that back. Together we can make a better and more sustainable future for us all.

Where to Find them

If you would like to know more about Co-Charger I will add a link below. Please feel free to reach out to them with any questions you may have. I know the team would love to hear from you with any feedback you may have for them.

Co Charger – Co Charger: Neighbourhood EV charger sharing made easy (co-charger.com)

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