Hypervolt EV Charger Review

Hypervolt Looks

The year is 2023 the EV revolution is in full swing and growing year by year. Here is our Hypervolt EV charger review. Over the last year, we have noticed that customers have loved the Hypervolt offering, and we can understand why. From a personal perspective, it is probably one of the best-looking chargers with 3 different main colours. These are UltraWhite, UltraBlack, and Space Grey. These with their stylish led lights that you can customise make it one of the chargers that stands out on the market. One thing I would say about the colours though is white is never the best idea when it comes to anything as it will always show dirt more easily, for this reason, I personally always recommend steering clear for that reason unless absolutely needed to blend in with the property. With the Hypervolt 3.0 coming out it will now be possible to have back cable entry making for an almost floating-looking charger. The Hypervolt will not let you down when it comes to looks and can blend into almost any property.

Hypervolt EV Functionality

When it comes to how the Hypervolt EV charger functions it has a very user-friendly controlled app. They are constantly updating the firmware automatically, so you do not have to worry. It is compliant with all the latest regulations and offers full smart charging capabilities connected via WI-FI. It also has automated cost control so you can stay in control of how much you are paying to charge. Another benefit to the Hypervolt is it can be used with excess solar energy if you have solar panels so rather than send it back to the grid you can also use it to charge your car. You can also add your own energy tariff to the app so you can work out the correct cost per charge. The Hypervolt 3.0 will also be adding a 4g and LTE option so WI-FI will not be necessary soon.  It also comes with 3 different options for the size of tethered charger these being 5 meters, 7.5 meters and 10 meters giving you a good range to choose from.

Installation Of The Hypervolt EV

As approved installers of Hypervolt EV, we take our responsibility to install these units correctly very seriously. One of the benefits of the Hypervolt charger is it has a wired CT dynamic load management. This means it will monitor the house load and power down the charger when the house load becomes unsafe and may breach the maximum demand of the property. With the Hypervolt 3.0, they are going to be adding the option to have wireless CT, but this feature is not currently available. When chargers first came on the market it was quite common, they would have to have an earth rod, but the Hypervolt has a built-in Pen fault device so the earth rod is not needed. The current model of the Hypervolt has just been upgraded to have to have vastly improved Wi-Fi capabilities, with significantly improved reliability of connectivity, and antennas. Making for a very robust future-proof charger. When the 4g and LTE model becomes available it will make for a charger that will almost be able to be installed anywhere. When thinking about where you want the charger to go as a rule of thumb the further the charger goes away from the main head the more expensive the installation will be. As standard, we now fit Surge protection with all installs. This is to protect your property and the EV.

Hypervolt EV Aftercare

One of the most important parts of an installation for me is the aftercare a company can provide. This is where Hypervolt EV exceeds. As standard, all products have a 3-year warranty this can be upgraded to 5 years if extra is paid. Hypervolt EV has ongoing technical support that can help you with any problems via a dedicated number. We also guarantee our work for workmanship not allowing for general wear and tear.  As a company, we are always contactable post-install. We want your installation to be as seamless and stress-free as possible. We choose our manufacturers based on how they deal with customers’ post-install. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. 0333 577 5257/ info@evcchargers.co.uk

Hypervolt EV charger

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