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EV Car Park Installation

Here at EVC UK we can Unlock the power of your car park with multiple charging posts to cover medium to large car park areas. Ideal for fleet and workplace charging solutions.

For all EVC UK Car Park installations we use trusted supplier Easee. A premium EV Charging product tried and tested by our team, at a competitive price.


Future-proof Installation

The Easee Base station poles link in series with the ‘Easee Power Rail’ connection box which is
included in the pedestal and all mounted chargers can be easily terminated in the same rail. Posts
can be installed and commissioned separately meaning that chargers can be added or removed
later and will not affect the load balancing.

Available in Tethered and Un-Tethered Options

The pole has integrated cable hooks which make it possible to have the charging cables
permanently connect to the charger, alternatively the units can be untether.

Our Prices Are Based On The Following Factors

Car park dual ev charging

Workplace Charging Scheme

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