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Are some electric cars “better” than others?

This blog was written by our friend Estelle Miller at: www.evexperts.co.uk This is a question that we are often asked and it’s a difficult one to answer.  All electric cars offer a superb driving experience – grounded and smooth with instant acceleration – whether you are spending £10k or £100k.  Some offer more space: for …

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EV Standard Installation

Confused About EV A big question we get asked is what is classed as a standard EV installation. As the rules and regulations change all the time it can be quite confusing as to what standard practice is. So, I am going to write this blog to help you. When you have picked which EV …

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Confused About Electric Vehicles?

Confused About Electric Vehicles? Buying an electric vehicle can be a minefield. If you are switching from an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to an EV (Electric Vehicle) for the first time, it can be daunting. There are so many factors to consider, such as range, price, and new or used. That is where Purely-EV comes …

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Approved EV Charging Installer Status

What is approved EV installer status? As an EV charging installer a question we get asked all the time is. What is the difference between you and a normal electrician? The answer is a few things, all our installers are trained electricians. What a lot of people do not realise is the manufacturers of the …

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The Sustainable Dad

Ric Boullemier Tips We caught up with Journalist and content Creator Ric Boullemier a.k.a. Ric Boullemier  Journalist (@thesustainabledad) • Instagram photos and videos to find out his top tips for driving an electric car. Ric made the transition to an EV in 2018 and hasn’t had a single regret. But he does have some advice for …

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