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commercial ev charging

The United Kingdom is among Europe’s largest markets for electric vehicles in 2022. Plug-in electric vehicle sales climbed by around 140% year-on-year. Commercial EV charging is becoming more import too.

Not all can have a home  EV charger. If you are a workplace looking to electrify your business then EVC UK offers the full commercial package from a free initial survey to full management of your EV Charger. As a company, we have vast experience in commercial EV charging.

We will help through the process.  We will take care of all the DNO notices as well as help you get finance if this is an option you want to pursue. Once you have made contact we will send one of our specialist surveyors out who will do an in-depth survey of the site and access it for the suitability of EV chargers.

Once a full survey has been carried out we will then provide a quote that will be valid for 30 days. After the acceptance of the quote, we will take care of things such as grants and DNO notices. Once we have gained permission from the DNO we will then arrange a date for installation that works for you. A full breakdown of the works being undertaken will be provided. Full training will also be given on chargers after installation.



The Commercial EV Charging market is a fast-paced environment with new products constantly coming onto the market.

Every now and then a product will come onto the market that just makes sense straight away. Commercial chargers being rented out is becoming more of a thing but the month. But the payback period can be quite long, and renting a charger out is quite one-dimensional.

It does not really make sense the more you think about it, this is where Chargebull comes in. A charge point and advertising platform rolled into one, completely practical and genius if you ask me. If you are going to install chargers to generate revenue then why would you just install a stand-alone charger?

You should not, you should install a charger that can also act as an advertising platform as well. They offer three main revenue models. The most popular is the fully funded model which can bring up to £9,600 a year in revenue per charger. Secondly, they offer the shared partner model where the landowner will pay 50% of the installation costs.


The Solo Partner Mode

This model can bring up to £21,600 a year per charger. Finally, they offer the solo partner model where you will be solely responsible for the charger installation and finding the advertising partners. With the first 2 models, you must be in a footfall area and agree to have the charger for 60 months.

After 60 months, the charger will be transferred over with the shared partner model. It is worth noting that you must have a 3-phase supply to have these chargers installed as they are 22kw chargers. With the first 2 models, you will be paid monthly via your chosen bank account.

Also, you will receive a breakdown of costs such as electricity used, and advertising revenue generated. In my opinion, this is a far superior model for generating revenue especially if you have a high-footfall area such as a retail park or supermarket as two examples.

If you would like to know more about commercial EV charging please feel free to get in contact with us, we would be more than happy to discuss options. If you think you have a suitable site we can come and do a free site survey to understand the site’s suitability and give you an accurate quote for installation costs.




Earning potential?

How much revenue will be your next question? We use the management service Monta which lets you set how much you charge per kWh so for example if you bought the electricity for £0.35 per kWh and sold it at the standard rate of £0.60 per kWh this would mean a mark-up of £0.25.

On average people charge their EV for around half an hour to an hour, so in return, you would get anywhere from £8 for half an hour to £15 for the full hour per charging port you had. Most Dc commercial chargers have anywhere from 2 to 4 ports.

If the charger was only used 6 times a day by 2 cars for 200 days this would mean on average you would bring in an extra £8,400 at the bottom end to £12,000 at the top end, this would be from 1 commercial charging, Unit with 2 ports and managed on the Monta app.

Cost Of An Install?

Cost of an install will depend on a few factors. This is for one EV charger.

Which EV charging unit is chosen.
How far the cable run will be.
If you have 3phase capability.
How much trenching and reinstatement is needed.
How long the project is.


If you’re looking to install electric vehicle charging points at your business premises, you could be eligible for up to £14,000 OZEV WCS grant funding.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes could be eligible for £350 OZEV WCS grant funding per socket at their workplace car park. The maximum number of charging sockets allowed at each location is 40. The following conditions must be met for businesses deploying EV.

You must have sufficient OFF-STREET parking, Your fleet does not require EVs currently, however you will be required to express the existing or future need for the business. An OZEV approved workplace charging point installer must install your charger.
OZEV WCS is a voucher based system, follow the steps below to claim:
Complete an online application form

You will receive an e-voucher if successful. You must present the voucher code provided to your chosen OZEV approved installer. The grant will then be claimed after project completion. The voucher code is valid for 120 days from the date of issue.



Monta Charging Software

Attract and retain EV drivers as customers and seamlessly manage usage, pricing, and transactions with Monta.

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