Commercial Charging

Commercial EV chargers

Why EV Chargers

The United Kingdom is among Europe’s largest markets for electric vehicles in 2022. Plug-in electric vehicle sales climbed by around 140 percent year-on-year, while hybrid electric vehicles recorded gains of about 12 percent. Hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles accounted for over 10 percent of car registrations in the United Kingdom in 2020, and demand for electrified vehicles among new car intenders in the United Kingdom stands at roughly 40 percent.​

Many people considering EV are unable to have home EV points such as those who live in apartments.​

EV charging points may also bring you extra business by customer visits or footfall, in turn your customers are more likely to spend longer on your premises and spend more money. This will increase so more revenue for your business and your customers will have a charged EV.

As the sales of Electric Vehicles steadily increase, the demand for more charging points will go up. So be a forward planning business and offer your customers the opportunity to use the EV point at your premises.

Earning potential?

How much revenue will be your next question? We use the management service Monta which lets you set how much you charge per kWh so for example if you bought the electricity for £0.35 per kWh and sold it at the standard rate of £0.60 per kWh this would mean a mark-up of £0.25. On average people charge their EV for around half an hour to an hour, so in return, you would get anywhere from £8 for half an hour to £15 for the full hour per charging port you had. Most Dc commercial EV charging  have anywhere from 2 to 4 ports.

Commercial EV chargers

If the charger was only used 6 times a day by 2 cars for 200 days this would mean on average you would bring in an extra £8,400 at the bottom end to £12,000 at the top end, this would be from 1 commercial EV charging, Unit with 2 ports and managed on the Monta app.

Cost Of An Install?

Cost of an install will depend on a few factors. This is for one EV charger.

Which EV charging unit is chosen.
How far the cable run will be.
If you have 3phase capability.
How much trenching and reinstatement is needed.
How long the project is.


If you’re looking to install electric vehicle charging points at your business premises, you could be eligible for up to £14,000 OZEV WCS grant funding.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes could be eligible for £350 OZEV WCS grant funding per socket at their workplace car park. The maximum number of charging sockets allowed at each location is 40. The following conditions must be met for businesses deploying EV.

Charging infrastructure:
You must have sufficient OFF-STREET parking, Your fleet does not require EVs currently, however you will be
required to express the existing or future need for the business. An OZEV approved workplace charging point installer must install your charger.
OZEV WCS is a voucher based system, follow the steps below to claim:
Complete an online application form

You will receive an e-voucher if successful. You must present the voucher code provided to your chosen OZEV approved installer. The grant will then be claimed after project completion. The voucher code is valid for 120 days from the date of issue.

Monta Charging Software

Attract and retain EV drivers as customers and seamlessly manage usage, pricing, and transactions with Monta.

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